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Top:  Manufacturing
  multistage pump(used in mining field)

 ID#: 16478   Date posted: July 26, 2017;   Expire date: October 24, 2018;             67 visits             Flag as Spam
Company: longyan jiulong water Pump manufacturing  
Country: Tanzania  
City: Please choose city  
Specific Location: longyan china  
Brief Description: The main products are: pumps used in mine and boiler filed, such as D,DG(horizontal multistages series) etc.; pumps used in building, fire and intelligent water supply equipment field, such as DL,ISG,XBD-DL XBD-L (vertical multistage/ inline series)etc. we also produce single stage double suction split centrifugal pumps such as S, SH series  
Contact Name: elon  
Contact Phone: 5972962330  
Keywords: --  

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